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What if I trained in another province or territory?

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Each province and territory in Canada determines which occupations are regulated in its jurisdiction, and how those occupations are regulated. Not every province and territory regulates the same occupations (professions or trades), and certification standards may differ across the country. You may be required to meet certification or registration requirements to work in your occupation in Alberta even though you are not required to be licensed, registered or certified to work in the province or territory you trained in. Or your occupation may be regulated elsewhere in Canada but not in Alberta.

Students are encouraged to investigate certification requirements in the province in which they first intend to work. In Alberta, you may be required to successfully complete examinations and provide documents such as letters from employers, a resume, transcripts, even a criminal record check.

Bringing required documents with you when you move can speed up the certification or registration process in Alberta considerably. Even better, you may find that you can begin the certification or registration process before you leave your home province or territory.

If you are certified and experienced in your field, see "What if I am already certified in another province or territory in Canada?"




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