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How long will the registration or certification process take?

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It may take weeks, months or years to register with a professional regulatory organization or obtain the certification you need to work in your occupation in Alberta. The length of time required varies from one occupation to another and from one situation to another. If you take your training in Alberta, registration or certification will probably be a relatively simple process.

If you train or have trained outside Alberta, certification or registration may require an assessment of your qualifications. A qualifications assessment typically takes months to complete. It may take longer if you have problems providing required documents such as degrees, diplomas, certificates, employment records, letters of reference or transcripts of marks from educational institutions. Professional regulatory organizations often will not accept photocopies. Further, they may require records, letters and transcripts to be sent directly to them by employers, references or educational institutions. If documents must be translated into English and certified by a translator before they can be assessed, the certification or registration process will take more time.

Careful preparation prior to your arrival in Alberta can speed up the certification or registration process considerably. Find out what will be required in your case. The best place to start is the website of the appropriate professional regulatory organization or, if you work in a trade, the Apprenticeship and Industry Training website. Website addresses and other contact information are included in the contact details.

After you have studied the certification and registration information provided on the Internet, contact the professional regulatory organization or Apprenticeship and Industry Training if you have questions or need more information. Also contact the relevant regulatory body or professional association where you obtained your training. That organization may be able to help you gain recognition of your qualifications in Alberta.

Starting the certification or registration process before you move to Alberta can help to avoid a lengthy waiting period after your arrival. For more information, see What if I trained in another province? or What if I trained in another country?


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