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Is there a cost for registration or certification?

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Yes. Every regulated occupation has different requirements for licensing, registration or certification and related fee schedules. Requirements may include:

  • written examination(s)
  • oral examination(s)
  • language proficiency standards
  • a qualifications assessment conducted by the professional regulatory organization or a specified qualifications assessment service
  • a period of supervised work experience.

Professional regulatory organizations and Apprenticeship and Industry Training post information about requirements and related costs on their websites.

In addition to examination and registration fees, there may be other costs associated with obtaining registration or certification. For example, if an examination is held outside of Alberta, you will be expected to pay for transportation and accommodation as well as the examination itself. Transportation and accommodation costs can add up to thousands of dollars depending on where examinations are held and how many examinations you must complete. If this information is not posted on the appropriate website, contact the organization directly to find out:

  • where examinations are held
  • when examinations are held
  • how much each examination costs.


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