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What is the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey?

The Alberta Wage and Salary Survey is an employer survey reporting wages across a wide number of occupations. For additional wage and salary information, we recommend researching other wage sources.

Who Conducted the Survey?

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. conducted the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Understanding the Data

Data reliability is a measure of the ability to reproduce the results again and again as required. Despite the large number of survey responses (6,400), data reliability decreases when it is examined at a regional or industry level.

The following categories of reliability were used to help readers interpret the accuracy of the data:

A. High Reliability

B. Good Reliability

C. Lower Reliability

D. Lowest Reliability


For further information, read the detailed Survey Methodology Report.

For survey summary information, see the Survey Overview Sheet.