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Wage and salary information is based on the 2015 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey. The survey covers over 400 occupations and provides information on wages and salaries for full-time and part-time employees in Alberta. It also includes information on skill shortages in Alberta. Learn more. 

Results by Region

  • Click on a region in the Region map (located on the right side of the page). The information in the profile will change based on the region you select.
  • To deselect a region, click on the X beside the region name above the map.

Results by Industry

  • Select an industry from the Industry dropdown list (located below the profile name). The information in the profile will change based on the industry you select.
  • Select ALBERTA, ALL INDUSTRIES to see results for all industries in Alberta

Data Reliability Codes

Data reliability is a measure of the ability to reproduce the results again and again as required. Despite the large number of survey responses (almost 6,400), data reliability decreases when it is examined at a regional or industry level.

The following categories of reliability were used to help readers interpret the accuracy of the data:

A. High Reliabilty

B. Good Reliabilty

C. Lower Reliabilty

D. Lowest Reliabilty

Caution  must be used when referencing results with Data Reliability Code "D" due to the greater variability of the data 


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